My pregnancy journy


It all started June 2014. My husband and I started trying to have a baby. I started resurching and signed up for glow. Started tracking everything I did. Counted days counted hours until I could take that test. It was sooo exciting that first couple months. Will this be the month? Are my dreams of becoming a mommy start right now???? month after month of a week of bd two weeks of anticipation and then the crushing blow of defeat after taking test after test squinting to see that second line. Hoping. Praying to see that second line.

Then November hits.

Is that a second line? Holy crap I actually think I see something? Oh my god that's a second line!!!! I run out to meijer at midnight on a Sunday and by a digital and rush home to take it. PREGNANT 3-4weeks. Ahhhhhhhh! My husband was out of town and coming home the next day so I bought a little bear and put it in a box with the test with a note. Tears of joy ran down his face!

Black friday I started bleeding and my heart broke into pieces. Maybe it's ok some people just bleed. After hours doc says go in for blood work Monday and Wednesday to see if numbers rise. Monday: Poke. Draw. "Numbers are consistent with early pregnancy."

Tuesday: bleeding heavier with some clots. "Wait to blood draw tomorrow"

Wednesday: as I was walking into work a pink Balloon rolled down the sidewalk. I am a big believer in signs. And a wave calmness came over me. I knew. Poke. Draw. "I'm sorry your numbers have decreased." I was that 1 out of 4. You never know how strong you can be until you have to be.

A few months later we were ready to try agian

BD - wait- test

BD - wait -test

The months came and went. Everything worked around my ovulation schedual.

Pregnancy anouncement after pregnancy anouncement. I was happy for them but with each one my heart grew weaker and weaker. With each single lime my heart grew weaker and weaker.

July 30th, our aniversary and the day before what would have been my due date. went to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful day. And up in the sky I saw it. A tiny rainbow. My angel baby was looking down on us and smiling. My heart grew warm. Is this a sign? Is this our month???? This WAS our month! The next test I took was positive! 2 lines!

I went in for an early ultrasound at 8 weeks due to my previous miscairage.

Wait what am I looking at? Is that what I think I'm looking at? "Do twins run in your family?" Tears, shaking, speachless.

After all this time could this be my happy ending??????

It was! 7 months and a week later I gave birth via csection to 2 very healthy twin boys! April 14th 2016. After hemeraging in the recovery room a few days in the icu and a couple blood transfusions we are all doing amazing! Keep trying girls. Don't lose hope. You will get your 2 lines!

Here they are 2 months later :)