35 weeks pregnant, 2nd opinion?

Rhandi • I'm 25 and pregnant with my first child :) I'm very excited and nervous at the same time.

I see hospital A for my pregnancy and hospital B for my gestational diabetes but due to some complications I'll be delivering at hospital B.

All weekend I had dull cramps but about 1am this morning they turned into terrible, couldn't walk cramps. I drank several glasses of water and finally about 5:30am called my dr at hospital A and he had me go to labor and delivery.

I was there for almost 3 hours being monitored. I was having consistent and strong contractions but not dialated, vomiting, severe headache and had to keep a cool rag on my face to cool me down. They ended up sending me home.

I don't feel right and it's more of a gut instinct but should I call hospital B and get a second opinion? It would require me going almost an hour away but if I don't feel right then it's worth it to me. What do you all think?