Does walking away make me a bad person?

So the other day I posted about my boyfriend coming out to me as a transgender. Well I've taken a couple weeks now to think about things and in the last two days I've realized I need to walk away. I'm totally supportive of her and her choices but I can't be involved. At all. I need a clean break. 
This is devastating for me. I was expecting an endgame the ring- my boyfriend told me he had an important question for me and I thought it was will you marry me. Not would you consider staying my girlfriend even though I'm transgender. We've talked a lot about this and I've had a lot of questions. She told me that she's always felt different and that around a year ago she started thinking she could be transgender. We're in our 20s and have been together 3 years. I feel betrayed in a way because it's like I wasted a year of my life. I get that she needed time to figure things out but my life is affected by her choice too. And now I just can't look at her without feeling angry and hurt. 
I do want to be there for her because I do love her but I need to put my life back together. And with the way I'm feeling I don't think it's healthy for either of us to lean on each other. She's ok with my choice and understands but a lot of our friends think I'm a horrible person for just walking away from her. But I wanted kids and she wants a sex change. I'm not attracted to women and I just couldn't have sex with a woman. I feel like she's lead me on because she knew what I wanted (she also knew I wanted a ring but had the decency to wait to ask until after she'd told me this) and still let me think it was going to happen for a whole year. I feel betrayed and alone and my life is in pieces. Everyone says I'm making this about me and I'm trying not to but this affects me too! My life is turned upside down and I didn't choose this! She did choose this and I'm happy for her but I feel like she's just flipped my whole world upside down. Does leaving make me a bad person? Sorry this was so long. 

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