How long after induction did you have the baby? UPDATE with my answer.

Stevie • Mom of 3.

UPDATE I got induced at 5am went to active labor at 8am had baby at 12:13pm

And I had my 2 year old in the room in dads arms watching baby push out.

So it took 7 hours but active labor was 4hours :)


Tomorrow at 5am I'll be 41+2 weeks and getting induced. This is my second and I didn't need to get induced with my first. So I'm worried because my husband is taking me and he will have the 2 kids. (2yrs5yrs old) are they even allowed in the room with us? If not my sister won't be there till 7am. I was 2cm when they stripped my membranes exactly a week ago. Doctor was sure I wouldn't need to be induced. :( But here I am tomorrow I'll be getting induced.