Did any of you feel your little one drop or get into position?


I'm actually due august 7th. But I bet a lot of your babies have already dropped or are getting there so I thought I'd ask here!

I've been told that where ever you feel hiccups is where the head is. But a few days ago I felt her hiccups and they were low down by my left hip. So I assumed she was head down! And then yesterday afternoon she had hiccups twice and they were in the middle of my belly near my belly button almost. So I don't even know how her head could be there really!

About 3 weeks ago my dad said that my stomach had dropped since he saw me last and everyone agreed. I did start having back pain, trouble walking, pressure, and all that fun stuff right around that time. So I was hopefully she was head down. And I'm a first time mom and I know they usually drop earlier! (This picture was from 30 weeks to 31 weeks)

All of my movements that I feel are up by my ribs and I can feel the outline of what feels like feet. But she can push out in all directions, and doesn't just kick, she will pretty much ripple through my stomach and I can watch both sides of my stomach thrust out at the same time rather violently haha I have an ultrasound tomorrow and will hopefully get an answer to which way she is laying! But the only way that makes sense to me is with her head on the left side, back towards the ground and feet towards my ribs! which doesn't sound like the idea position for turning lol but who knows!

So my real question is did any of you feel your baby turn or drop? Earlier she genuinely startled me twice because it felt like she was doing a complete roll. One was down by my hip and took me by complete surprise. The second one was at the front of my stomach and felt similar but not as strong.

I really can't wait to find out how she is laying officially.

But when did any of your doctor's worry about your babies not being head down? I know it's too soon for me to worry, but I'd love to have an idea!