😍The Best Boyfriend in the Planet💕

I have the best man in this earth💕 while in the hospital since monday 6/13\16 at 12am i went bcuz i thought my water had broken, but it didnt, so they admitted me anyways bcuz i was 4cm and i was scheduled a induction at 6am.. So once situated they started pitocin at 8:30am the contractions didnt started to much later.. So when i got to 6cm i needed my epi those contractions was no joke.. Everything was going good for a lil bit, but i was still in pain come to find out the epidural only workd for one side of my body and not the other... My butt was in so much pain i felt everything..My boyfriend was so great during the labor process holding my hand, hugging me, rubbing my Ass, giving me some ice, telling me to breath threw my contractions.. I mean what more can i ask for.💕 im in love with him....so once at 9cm my nurse turned me to a position to try to make the baby come down more bcuz he was still way up and it worked pretty quick.. So i started pushing with my nurse and my hubs.. She wanted to wait to call the doctor till shes able to see my babies head. Once she saw the head right there i couldnt stop pushing bcuz of all the pressure i was having and the buring sensation. My Daniel was born 6/15/16 @1:38am weighting 8lbs 8oz 20in... How has the best SO that did all he can to make sure u are comfortable enough during labor.. I want to hear the experience that other woman had with your SO