Making it far and having a long way to go!🎓

Angie • 18 | Illinois Girl
Today was my last day of school and I've officially made it to my senior year of high school. I'm so excited To be the first in my family to make it this far. 
My mom dropped out 8th grade, my dad dropped out junior year, my sister got pregnant sophomore year and dropped out both my brothers also dropped out sophomore year . 
I'm making it to my senior year, my mother told me she gave up on the idea of me graduating because everybody else dropped out but I can already picture a year from now walking across the stage. I've also been very happy because I scored into the 20's on my ACT's my mother doesn't know what that is neither did my siblings understand the importance so I had to celebrate on my own. 
 I won't let anything mess up my senior year. First time I can say I want school to start already.!! Everybody thought I was dropping out but I'll prove them wrong. 😘💪🏽🎓🎓🎓