Should I text him now or wait?

So long story short I'm in an "exclusive relationship" (basically dating without the officiality) with my long distance ex (we dated for 5 months then broke up b/c of distance and didn't talk for 3 months, then got back together pretty much). There has always been a bit of a problem with how bad of a texter he is, but it seems like if he really tries, he's pretty decent. But ever since summer started, I've been lucky to get at least one text a day (most of the time it's none if I don't initiate) and an hour long call at night every 2 days or so. I love him to death and I'm getting pretty fed up, I feel like I put so much more effort in than he does. Didn't hear from him all day yesterday, and he had texted me the night before but I was busy. Prior to that, I hadn't heard from him the whole previous day. I understand that people get busy sometimes, but he's not doing anything special (it's summer) and I don't understand how, if he loves me as much as he says he does, he doesn't have time to text/call during the day. I want to talk to him and ask if he's even still interested in whatever we have going on. Should I text him now, or wait until tonight and text him if I don't hear from him all day?

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