So this is going to sound really stupid And I know I'm over reacting but I just need to know.
My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex, not everyday but often. He never finishes in me! He gets to a point where he knows he is about to finish and then stops and then I finish him off in other ways. 
When we have been playing around other way I have been considerate of when the precum happens but he doesn't have it (and I have been ver particular in watching for it. And if it does happen it isn't until right before he finishes) by anyways. 
I forgot to take my pill until like 2.5 hours late yesterday and usually I take it within an hour every day. 
I feel that I have been putting on a little bit of weight but I also never exercise and don't eat properly (I am trying to start eating better and when it gets warmer I'm going to start exercising).
I have my period every month and it comes on the exact day at 4pm (it's is like clockwork now I'm on the pill)
So I suppose the point of all this is just for someone to tell me the chances of me being pregnant.
I kno I sound ridiculous and trust me I am embarrassed about this 
I just want to be reassured because I'm like 99% sure that I can't be pregnant haha