Is this unfair?

My boyfriend was recently staying at my house for about two week. In the morning I would come see him, and I gave him a blowjob like half of the time. So about 7 times. The first time I gave him one, he ate me out beforehand. But he only did it for about a minute, and I didn't finish, and then I gave him a blowjob and let him finish in my mouth. And then I gave him several more, but he never ate me out again. I really wanted him to do it again because it felt really good, but I was really embarrassed that he didn't like it or that I tasted weird or something so I was really just too embarrassed and scared to bring it up. So, a few days after he had left, I brought it up to him and I asked if he didn't like doing it. He told me that he didn't mind doing it, that he just didn't. I got kind of upset... And I told him that that was upsetting to me and I felt that it was unfair. I didn't mind giving him blowjobs a lot, I actually really enjoy doing it, but I also feel like he should have returned the favor. He apologized to me a lot, and I could tell that he was really sorry and recall felt bad and I'm not mad at him, but I still do feel like it was unfair to me. Do you guys think that it's unfair, or do you think that he shouldn't feel obligated to do that for me? I realize that I didn't ask, but I imitated some of the blowjobs without him asking, and I feel like he could've at least asked me if I wanted him to do that. 

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