Question about conceiving

- [ ] Okay so I have a personal questions pertaining to sex.
- [ ] Me and my partner been together for  2 years and six months. I have been having baby fever and he tells me to wait next year. Im cool with it. 
- [ ] We have unprotected sex either way we know be risk pull out method. Even if he jerks out outside I know theres a chance I can still get pregnant. Cause that's how I got pregnant last time that lead to miscarriage. 
- [ ] My thing is we was going at it. And I was really excited and really wet. (Ovulating time) So I know when he's about to cum so I kept asking him, if he is okay? Which is our safe word as "get off me cause your about to cum"
- [ ] So he continued and then I hear him go "oh shit" so I look back and he pulled out and is coming but it looks like his after effect of Cumming "driving" .. So I look around to see if any evidence and I asked him like did you cum? He's like yeah! I'm like where? And he just take a napkin and wipes my leg like if it there.... ( know not wasn't) So I kept asking him and he just blows it off like if it's his normal.. I went to bathroom to clean myself I was super wet. I still couldn't tell if he came in me or not. 
- [ ] Next day we had sex but he pulled out and jerked off like normally and he came alot like normal and driped in the end... 
- [ ] So my question is, can you tell if a guy cums in you or not even if your super wet yourself. Or can a guy cum and then stop mid cum? In the end I'm really hoping he came in me... I do want to be pregnant but I'm asking if anyone else have had this experience. Like now it's the waiting game now. Crossing my fingers
- [ ]