I know this is a little off topic. 
But okay so I start college in a week. I'll be living on campus for 5 weeks. Back for two. Then leave again for fall. 
My mom, brother baby sister and I live at my house. My grandma also moved in a few months ago. But is usually only here two nights a week. (But showers and eats here and such) 
Okay so the reason she moved in is because she's with this pos guy. And he's super controlling and so they break up basically every other week. 
Anyways. Today I was packing and talking to them. My grandma says "well you need to get all of this stuff out of here so I can move my things in" 
Which upset me, like I can't take EVERYTHING I own to my dorm room. Not to mention our entire house in overran with her stuff. I don't think we need more of her stuff in the house. 
Then my mom later was talking about wanting to rent my room out to someone (because my grandma doesn't really help with bills) 
I just feel like they're just trying to get rid of me. I can't take all of my stuff with me. When I told my grandma this she gets all huffy with me. And tells me I'm going to have to figure something out. Then if my mom rents my room out I don't want someone being in my area. And where the hell am I supposed to go when I come home for breaks or y'know to spend time with my family? 
Am I justified in this feeling? Or am I just being a brat?