Please don't let it be...

Lindsay • I'm 29, married for 5 years (together for 8). My husband and I are first time parents, having welcomed our little girl Avery on 2/17/17 ❤️, she is is the most fun little girl and we adore her!

I am 7 weeks tomorrow, this is my second pregnancy (the first one ended in March due to an ectopic). I have been cramping off and on most of the pregnancy, but it's mostly been light and my doctor said it's completely normal since the uterus is stretching, and that as long as there's no bleeding I'm ok. I haven't seen even one speck of blood this pregnancy, though I've had a lot of discharge. But tonight I just wiped and saw the tiniest bit of pink...this is after moderate to heavy cramping since noon. I am so scared :( I will be devastated if this ends in miscarriage.

To top it all off, my 3 sisters are sleeping over (two are much younger than me, they're 13, 15 and the other is 25) so we can go to the beach tomorrow. They don't know I'm pregnant as we were waiting until 8 weeks to tell everyone (we have a 2nd vsultrasound on Friday 7/1, we wanted to make sure that went ok first). I am praying for so many reasons that everything is OK and that there's no blood when I wake up in the morning...if there is, I have no idea how I will explain what's going on to them, or how I can go through another loss so soon after losing my first pregnancy and my left tube just 3 months ago. Please keep my little chocolate chip (which according to the Ovia app, my baby is the size of this week) in your prayers <3.

**UPDATE: Thank you so much to everyone who sent up a prayer for me and who offered such kind words. Woke up this morning and checked, no blood! Still cramping a lot though. I'm hoping last night was just a fluke. I'm going to try really hard this week to be positive and not stress, it helps that on Friday I have an ultrasound (fingers and toes crossed I will hear the heartbeat too!).