I couldn't wait...and so I tested

So yesterday I took a regular "not early response" test, resulting in a negative... I wasn't upset because AF isn't due until Wednesday so I knew it was early.
  Well, I went to the store yesterday and got some "early response" tests (we live in a town of about 800, so the test options are very limited) 
Got up to let the dog out this morning and had to pee, so I though, oh heck why not? 
Peed on the stick and the line showed up almost immediately... I kind of just sat there... Said, "woah I'm pregnant." and went back to bed. I knew my husband had to get up in about half an hour for work, so I left the positive test on the countertop on the bathroom and crawled back in bed. He was kind of awake so we cuddled and I didn't say anything... 
He got up, turned the coffee pot on and then I heard him flip on the bathroom light. About 10 seconds later he burst into the bedroom with a huge smile on his face and said, "are you really?" I said, "I think so!" And he came over to me with tears in his eyes and hugged me so tight and told me he loves me about 100 times. He put his hand on my belly and I said, "yep, it's in there somewhere..."
Hopefully tiny bean sticks!!