Pregnant friend

Okay I live on a military base and I am friends with this one girl who is 20 and is expecting her first child she is seven weeks and I am only five weeks we are close and we hang out every day but lately she has been driving me nuts I'm on my second child and I already know what I need and what I don't need for the baby but she keeps going on and on about all the stuff she has been researching and how pregnant she looks but all she is is bloated and she keeps claiming that she feels the baby kick which I know for a fact she doesn't can someone help me deal with how to handle her I just can't anymore...all she goes around saying is how pregnant she is and in my mind I just can't stand it. I believe in keeping pregnancy close with family only until 12 weeks or so. She has bought a ton of clothes and stuff and doesn't even know what she is having. Is this my hormones getting annoyed? Help lol