Is she a true friend?

I send a txt to my friends saying I'm having a girls night next month since they all go out without me and I'm never invited since I'm pregnant. I gave a few dates and most people pick the 23rd. Turns out the 23rd is best for me too. So I said "ok its the 23rd, hope everyone can make it!" My one friend (who has been shitty to me lately) says "that's the day before my birthday, I'll probably be celebrating my birthday." This girl goes every every single night partying and hasn't tried to see me at all. I understand its the day before her birthday, but she goes out all the time with my other friends I introduced her to, she will be 28, and I just feel like why couldn't you take one night off from partying to come see your pregnant friend you have been neglecting? I still expect my other friends to come because they said they would and they have known me before her. I hope she doesn't try to ruin the one day in 5 months I try to get my friends together.

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