Baby Shower Gifts Dilemma... what would you do?


My mom and family threw my shower yesterday and my mom bought a lot of gifts. She took all the gifts from the shower home with her because our new house will eventually be built next door hopefully before August but we did not discuss her taking them. I thought my husband was bringing them home. Then she made the comment today that she already went through everything and sorted all the stuff. I can't go to her house because I'm on strict bedrest for my blood pressure.

I am not even able to pack the baby's bag and I have no clue what I still need really, and I might be going back into the hospital this week. I know it's not the end of the world but I haven't bought anything due to previous losses.

I feel like I can't say anything because I would never want to sound ungrateful for all she has been doing for me, and she is a super sensitive person.

Should I tell her my hubby is coming to pick the stuff up or just have him get what I would assume I need and bring it to me?