My man is the best

So things been frustrating between a new baby, new job, his mom and mind and trying to move. Anyway i been losing my mind at home with just me and the baby. Today was a really difficult day. Im use to him coming in the house helping very little and crying tired. Today he came in got ouf LO dressed got his bag ready and ran me a bubble bath and bought me a book i feel like i haven't been able to read in decades. He told me we going riding take some time to yourself. I just stared at him in disbelief. They where gone for awhile...i got to read some of the book and catch up on shows. He came home gave our son a bath put him to bed. Bought me chocolate, gave full body massage, painted toes and nails. He in the shower now. When he get out im going to put it on him like its the last day.....i just wanted to brag