Do I got the job?

Okay so I went and applied at my friend's work since he said I need to try it. Well I came up there and gave my application to the manager. Me expecting the usual "we'll call you in a few weeks" the manager didn't say that but what she did was she sat me down and just started asking questions about me. Asking about the work shifts, when I can work, what position I can do, etc. Well then she made me fill out an I-9 and the pre-screening then gave me a workers permit since I'm only 16. Then she told me to come back with a copy of my birth certificate and an ID and get the workers permit signed. Well I did all that, came back the next day and she told me that they'll look to see if I'm a citizen because I am a green card holder and that after everything is faxed back in she'll call me for my orientation. Then the nxt day I came back with my workers permit to give it to her then she said once everything is faxed back to her that she'll give me a call. This is my first time applying and don't really know what to expect. My friend thinks I have the job considering she made me get a workers permit and fill out those paper works. Do yall think I do have the job or not?