The pressure to give birth


Consistently being asked if I feel any contractions, labor pains or if I'm ready to give's getting old. Really old. This started when I hit 36 weeks. Im currently 40 weeks and 2 days. Obviously my son has not come, but the questions don't stop. They keep on with the questions when the answers are right in front of them. Honestly, I'm a VERY private person...but I wouldn't ever withhold critical information about my family's first real grandchild. They just don't understand that it's very annoying when they keep pushing for me to have my child. Its not something I control unless I get induced. Pressuring me to have my child will not make him come any faster, the only thing that does it make me not want to answer my phone or see you. This is my first child. This should be a happy experience...not something I dread every day because they don't understand the concept of my child coming on his own. Its annoying. Instead of "is he here yet" (obviously not, you see my Damn belly and I'm not in the hospital) or demanding me to drink this miracle tea that will induce my labor or instructing me to have unprotected sex (which I clearly know how to do) or telling me how to live and not do this or that...why not a simple "I hope you're doing okay" or just a conversation without it centering around me giving birth. Seriously,

A very frustrated pregnant woman and tired of being pressured.