Stay at home moms? Help.

Any other stay at home moms who get bored through out the day? I have a 5 year old daughter who is out of school and wants to do a lot of outside activities like swim, park & even little things like going in the yard to play with toys but because im 30 weeks and the heat & humidity in Ohio is outrageous 😫 my doctor has highly recommend me to stay out of the heat unless I HAVE to. I have been hospitalized three times due to dyer dehydration so I'm torn because my 5 year old is so bored but I have to take care of my baby in my belly as well, my daughter understands but I ALWAYS get so emotional & feel so guilty about it. This is her summer break & she should enjoy it. So I need help ladies, what are some activities that would be SAFE for me & baby but FUN for my 5 year old?? Suggestions???