Please Help with Advice

So there's this guy I'm in love with and he is one of my best friends and he knows I love him and he said he likes what we have for right now but it could change. Well we are very close and talk about everything and we had been talking about sex for a little bit and I'm not a virgin and lost it two years ago and was pregnant with twin boys but we're both miscarriages and then last year I got pregnant again by another guy and I ended up having another miscarriage but he is still a virgin and he said that I was the only person he wanted to lose it to so we might end up having sex and he said he wouldn't mind doing other sexual things with me as his first. But today I found out he is going to another school in the same city but I won't see him once school starts and I'm very upset by it. I realized I loved him when he helped me with my depression and suicidal intentions because when I was at my worst every night he would talk to me but he just doesn't love me back. I don't have anything wrong with us having sex and stuff cos I want to too but I love him and idk how to cope anymore. I also don't know how to deal with him switching schools because neither of us can drive till December and we have all these plans for school but idk what to do anymore...please comment any advice you have for us because this has been killing me