So last night I woke up at 3 in the morning to a weird wet substance in my underwear. I didn't think too much of it because I thought it was just regular pregnancy fluids so I went to the bathroom since I had to pee, I shut the door and blindly tried to find the light switch, while doing so I felt the same liquid start to drizzle down my leg, so I started thinking "well this isn't normal." I finally found the light switch and when I turned it on I looked down at my leg to find that it was blood leaking down my leg so I instantly start freaking out, run to the toilet and sit down, I them notice my underwear is soaked with blood and it's still coming out of me. After a few minutes it finally stopped, so me being the first time mom I am, start freaking out jumping to conclusions. I woke my SO up and he did the stupid thing of looking online lol, he then said to monitor it and make sure it completely stopped and we'll talk to our doctor at our appointment in the morning. After an agonizing 6 hours we got to the doctor and told her everything that happened, luckily, after all that, the baby was still healthy and wiggling around. We checked it's little heart and as soon as I heard it I burst into tears. I'm just so happy my little one is okay.