Make That 11 Weeks!

Soooo when I went for my first appointment and ultrasound I was told I was measuring a little small. I thought I was 7 weeks they told me I was only six. So tonight I had my follow up ultrasound thinking I was 10wks, and they said I was measuring bigger!! They pegged me at 11w1d and changed my due date - again! - to 1/23/17! Finally got to hear that amazing heart beat and everything is looking good so far! So happy right now! And we will know if this little darling is a boy or a girl in 8-10 days!! 
My husband and I are only still debating whether to tell our 4 year old son now or wait till late next week after I've had the 12 week scan. I feel like we should wait but it's hard to contain the excitement!