What I can tell you about TTC! πŸ’—πŸ’™

Millie β€’
It took us 5 months to concieve. I know it takes others a lot longer and my prayers are with you all because I thought I'd go crazy those 5 months trying but I thought I'd give y'all tips on things I feel helped me....Β 
1. DONT GO BY GLOWS OVULATION DAY!!!! Β I figured that out the hard way, Β it's not always right. For me it was off for 4 days or so and that's why the today few months we didn't concieve cause I based it off the app.Β 
2. If you haven't used OPKs (ovulation strips) GET SOME! Easiest way to pinpoint ovulation. My second month using them we conceived. The first month using them I missed my surge cause they didn't come in the mail in time.Β 
Got a positive Opk on Thursday, BD on Friday (boyfriend works out of town) and that was the only time during my fertile week (only takes once, right? 😊) 
3. Use Preseed or concieve plus if you feel the need to. We used it and I'm now pregnant.Β 
4. Try Soft Cups/Menstrual Cups. It's a bit gross feeling but I put one in directly after sex and left it in over night the one time we had sex during my fertile week.Β 
5. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! I prayed so much, in the shower, in the car, before bed, anytime to just ask god for a strong relationship, fertility and a sweet baby.Β 
6. Dont give up or stress out. Don't throw in the town when you don't see 2 lines after that long 2 weeks. It will happen in gods timing. ❀️
Good luck to you all. Lots of baby dustyΒ