Did I do wrong?

Angel • Single teen Mumma of two, Just of finishing tafe and university to give my babies the best in life

I recently found out I was pregnant, and honestly it was a huge shock as I am only 17, and I know there's options, (abortion, adoption, keep). My boyfriend was supportive at the start, but then his family started saying stuff and the only thing he wanted was an abortion, it was kinda like he was ordering me to do it rather than giving me a choice. But then he did give me a choice, keep the baby and leave him or stay together and have an abortion. I chose what I thought was right for me. I have nothing against abortion, or anybody who has one, but in this moment I could tell its not what I wanted or needed. So I left him.

We were together for quite a while and I gave my everything to him, and since we've separated I've been rather depressed and sluggish (I'm on anti depressants) and I hope these feeling will pass, but I lost the person I wanted to marry one day, and we've only been separated for a week but it seems he's over me already, flirting with other girls, and its really hurting.

Has anybody been in this position before, how did you cope? I know I need to go through the emotions but honestly I need advice on how others coped