Cried during sex. Lol

I just wanted to share this story of me crying while in the middle of sex 😂
Yesterday I had been crying the whole day because my boyfriend and I got into an argument because I caught him liking questionable pictures of other women. To make the puffiness of my eyes worse I felt so down in the dumps that I was just on Netflix all day watching romance movies and eating ice cream and sunflower seeds.
Eventually that night we made up and he came over at around 11pm, he told me to come out my house and when he got to my porch he picked me up hugged me real tight and told me he was really sorry he hurt my feelings (honestly I don't think I would've made such a big deal out of it if I didn't have romance movies with one click of a button but oh well).
We got up to my room and chilled for a little bit before we started making out and hands started going places. 
At one point he was on top of me while we were making love, hunched over me with his head beside mine while going slow and he whispers "You're the only one for me, you hear me? You're all I'll ever want in my life, I'll always, always love you."
The waterworks started coming out (both ways... 😏😂) and I tried to keep his head next to mine so he couldn't see me tearing up but he kept shifting around and eventually saw it lol and I started laughing a lot cuz I couldn't stop the tears, we both started laughing a bunch while he was still inside me. 
Then he said "You done crying now so I can tear this pussy up?"
Then we fucked happily ever after 💕