Losing My Virginity β˜„πŸŒŸ

Alyssa β€’
I totally need to share my story about my first time because UGH. 😍 So I'm 16 years old and me and a guy I work with have liked each other ever since when met over a year ago when I first started my job. He's so shy its adorable! He's 17, btw. People at work always joke with him saying "There goes your girl" or "Tu novia" (your girlfriend) because plenty of them speak Spanish (which i've gotten good at speaking since working there). One time we were signing our names because we were getting our checks and this one woman I work with said "Can Alyssa write your last name?" And he told her in Spanish "No let's wait until I actually marry her".πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸ» So one day a couple months ago he asked me to come over. We chilled for a little which eventually led to us doing other things, ya kno . And then 2 weeks ago I came over again. So we laid down on our sides on his bed and we made out, tongue sucking and allπŸ˜† And then he unhooked my bra and he laid down. I started giving him head and I could tell he really enjoyed it because of the noises and squirming😍 Then he asked me if I was ready, and being a weirdo I nodded my head yes really fast. So he laid me down on the bed and he put on the condom. I put my knees up to my ears (because I'm a thick girl and he just needed an easier entrance). So he rubbed his dick up and down from my clit to my vagina and IT. FELT. SO. FUCKING. GOOD. He had me DRIPPING at this pointπŸ’¦πŸŒͺ Β Then he carefully entered me caused me Β to moan pretty loud because my hole is so teeny and I have an almost completely closed hymen, and it hasn't changed ever sex. It felt good and painful at the same time and ever a minute the pain just stopped. It didnt feel amazing though because he was still attempting to fully break through my hymen but it was still pleasurable. πŸ˜›β˜ΊοΈ During sex he was holding my hands just to make sure I was okay, and he would ask occassionally. And then he took a break just to let me breathe bc at one point he went so fast and I couldn't take it I was about to like cum all over him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡ So he wanted to finish it off with head because even though we had a condom and I'm on birth control, you just can never be sure. So I got on my knees and I began working my magicπŸŽ‰ which turned into sloppy head when I began to cry a little. I finally stood up, bawling uncontrollably, picked up my bra and then slammed it on the dresser. He kept asking me what was wrong and if he did anything.Β 
Honestly, I have depression and it came out at the worst time possible so the fact that I was hurting him over this made me cry even more. He hugged me and said "Just talk to me, what happened". So it turned into a little heart-to-heart and we just got a lot off our chest. I told him I'm in love with him. He said it's hard because he's afraid of what his parents would think of him dating someone of another race (he's puertorican). I told him I understood. 😢 I do but it hurts. It sucks when he loves you back but cant do anything about it because of family reasons. So he said to me "Go home, sleep, be with frienss, I don't care I just can't stand to see you hurt." 
And that's how it went and it wasn't as magical as everyone says it is. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€