Sister in law

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So me and her were cool before I got engaged. She was upset me and my husband got engaged before her and my brother because they knew each other longer. She got engaged to my brother a couple of months after, so we were planning our own weddings. Jealous hit her some how and she said I was stealing her day. Um our wedding were 2 months apart and completely different. She was saying I stole her color but she had like 7 colors and my theme was mint so yeah anyways she wouldnt talk to me about her wedding like I was gonna steal her ideas and they didn't include me in my wedding which hurt me a lot. She got drunk one night apologized and said she was jealous but nothing changed since then. I was hoping after our weddings we'd be close again but now when I see her she like stares at me like I did something wrong. 
Anyways I found out she's pregnant and I'm so happy but in scared she's going to say I stole her spot light AGAIN. I'm a week and a half further a long then her. She said she didn't want a baby and I told her I want one right away. I feel it's like she's trying to compete. Well I'm scared that she'll be mad that were pregnant together! I'm excited because our kid will be only a week apart ! I'm just scared because we used to be close.... I hate feeling like I'm hurting her for whatever reason. I'm due in February and she's due in March. Hopefully she's takes it better than the whole wedding situation.