Something somewhat decent in a world of indecency

Monique • Boobs and beer 😝

I am freshly 21, out of school to work to pay dental bills (since I cannot afford health insurance and don't qualify for state coverage). I read, writen edycate myself, craft, and play video games from time to time. In other words, I'm a pretty average 21 year old.

However, something I do (that most don't but many can) is really quite different - I crochet hats and donate them to children and young adults with cancer. I just recently learned to crochet, and this was the second pattern I learned, but I thought that I wanted to give something good back to the world, and provide a bit of hope for people. I'm currently awaiting the permission to send a box of handmade, ultra-colourful hats to the children of St. Jude's Children Research Hospital, where children from infancy to young adulthood are treated for a variety of cancers at no cost to them or their families. I cannot afford to donate money, so I donate something I can afford to: hats, and TLC. I just hope to make some children somewhere happy.