Cleaning Supplies

My bathrooms need some serious attention. 😁 In March I found out we were pregnant again after a miscarriage so I put off cleaning with those harsh chemicals. In May we suffered another miscarriage. Just as I picked myself up off the floor we got a surprise pregnancy before I had a new cycle. I know you just did the math and I'm completely embarrassed but back to back pregnancies, I did not want to risk using chemicals in such a tight space. Yes, my husband probably could have done it but honestly it wouldn't have been done well enough to my standards. He mows the yard and picks up around the house. I deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen and pay the bills. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Don't get me wrong, he does scrub the toilets... But the showers need cleaning. Sorry not sorry, I chose my babies over the bathrooms. Does anyone know of any "safe" bathroom cleaners that will get the job done?  7 weeks 3 days.