Help please :(

Medical question. Kinda long, but I'm at a loss. Husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. My cycles are like clockwork. Every 28 days on the dot. Well. I had what we thought was the chemical pregnancy (that you lovely ladies helped me through) 2 months ago. Barely bled at all. It was super bright red, thin blood. And only lasted a few days. Then when I was supposed to ovulate last month, it felt like my sides were going to explode. I assumed it was ovulation pains. Then my period came, and it was a blood bath. I mean i bled so much I was dizzy and sick. But, again, it was very thin and bright bright red. So I called my doctor, she said it was probably my body just trying to catch up. No big deal. But now, I'm hurting again. And my side is so swollen, I looked pregnant. I've tried calling the doctors again, but they don't have time for me. Should I wait until my period and see what it's like? Or go to the emergency room?