Betta Dayz 💜

7 months ago I decide to get my life together and go to a program called job corps. I ended up saying I was there to simply get an education and wasn't going to involve myself with anyone... Then came a guy that when I mean made me happy all the time... Made me smile every second of the day and just by being around him I would start smiling and my day would get so much better.He was a person that made me feel like a queen like the only girl that matters... He treated me like a queen..... I really fell in love with his flaws and with him inside and out... I've gotten to the point where I started saying things he says and doing things that he does. Now we're about to have a beautiful family with two twin baby girls coming in November and I couldn't be happier with this guy. Through all my mood swings and all my stupid over thinking he still stuck by my side when no one else did. He never gave up on trying to provide for me during my pregnancy and still trying to provide for me. I couldn't be any happier with how my life is going to go with this guy. 💓💓💓💓💓 Thank you God for bringing a guy that's so hard working and loving into my life. 💏💏