D and C

I'm 21 and lost my baby at 13 weeks because of trisomy 13 / 18. When I went to get the CVS test they found there was no heartbeat. 
I got my d&c about 5 days later, within that time I had a lot of sex with my boyfriend. I'm sure the d&c wiped out any sperm that might have been in there. 
I know you're supposed to wait a cycle or two before getting pregnant again, my boyfriend and I had sex exactly two weeks after my d&c and he's been using the pull out method. I had my d&c about 4 weeks ago and we've been having sex continuously since then. 
He never came directly in me but I'm just curious if anyone has gotten pregnant after a d&c by the pull out method.. Are you more fertile afterwards? 
My questions might sound stupid but I'm just very curious lol.