Opinions about having a fuck buddy 🤔

I've been hooking up with this guy randomly for 7 months- I'm not hooking up with anyone else, just him. I would say we were friends with benefits but we aren't even friends really...just benefits 😂😂😂. Our contact consists of me or him snapchatting each other a picture of our bed or a picture of the road when we're driving and then we figure out where to meet up😂 it sounds so bad/slutty but I don't want a relationship right now and it's just fun. But then...I tell myself there's no feelings there but I honestly have no clue and it's so confusing. Has anyone else been through this? Do guys literally just do this and not catch any feelings at all either? I feel like I should stop because I'm making myself look stupid but at the same time I don't want to.