Water break?

I was sitting on the toilet peeing and when I moved to wipe I felt a gush n when I wiped I couldn't tell if it was pee or not so I went n sat on the couch while I was sitting maybe 5-10min after the gush I felt like as if I had a good amount of discharge come out so I got up n checked I had a quarter sized wet spot in my shorts (wasn't wearing undies) sorry if tmi I peed even more like 15min from the first time got up was walking around and alil more came out I don't know if it my water or discharge I went and layed down for about an hr maybe a lil less and when I got up I didn't have a gush or trickle but my area was pretty wet n it didn't have a smell n when I put my hand down there it was clear and made my hand pretty wet I called on call doc n told her mind u this is an hour or so into trying to figure out what was going on she asked if I had any contractions I said no my stomach had tightened up a few times but other then that nothing she said wait till morning and if u want go get checked.. Do u think my water broke? If yours broke was it similar? And how long did it take u to start contractions after it broke?