Am I the only one that doesn't uptight split bills?

⭐️MerFerret⭐️ • Married 2015 • 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 • praying for my 🌈 • future foster/adoption mama
I always see polls of "what do you pay for?" "What does your SO pay for?" We just put our money in our joint bank account and then pay the bills with it. I feel like the "yours/mine" aspect of things really conflicts with the us and ours part of a relationship.
Obviously thing are different if your SO is financially abusive/a mooch. But if they're a lazy moocher, you probably shouldn't be with them. 
I just don't get the big hubbub about "this is my money not yours" isn't money a big cause of fights and problems?

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