I need help

So my BF and I usually make it so that he makes me cum first and then I finish him off so there's no chance of me being in contact with his cum. Tonight I couldn't finish so I moved on to him. He finished (I gave him a handjob) on his chest and on my comforter (gross) and I handed him a cold damp washcloth to wipe himself off with. About 10ish minutes later he wanted to try to make me finish again and so he fingered me and such. Now I'm absolutely freaking out because I'm thinking that since he fingered me after using the washcloth to wipe up that he might have gotten some in me. I wasn't even thinking about it when it happened because he just wiped it up. I had an anxiety attack and I demanded to know which hand he used and he said he made a conscious decision to use the other hand he didn't clean up with, which is great and all, but I'm still scared. He never had any wet cum on his hands, as he didn't finish anywhere near them, but I'm still scared since he used the washcloth. It wasn't soaking wet either it was just damp. What do y'all think? Should I be worried?