Getting baby in right place for ultrasound

Hi guys.  This is my first question.  We have gone twice now to get ultrasounds where the baby was just not in the right position.  We were trying to get measurements for genetic testing but baby was having none of it.  I tried jumping, walking and juice but he/she is just as stubborn as mom and refused to wake up.  Do you all have any suggestions?  We are going one more time on the 25th but will have to give up after that.
I don't know if it is relevant.  But I usually have caffeine in the moring, I stay under 200mg a day, but these two mornings I drank water and no caffeine.  Should I try a little caffeine?
Update!  It worked!  We went in and baby was in the wrong position yet again but was moving a lot.  So we were able to get her to move by jumping and a little prodding lol