Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I have shared on here before that my SO and I are waiting for marriage to have sex. Is it hard? Yes it is very hard but we don't even bring it up, it helps me. Sooo.... Today before work we were at my house and I wanted to take a nap, so we laid across my bed (usually we don't even go in my bedroom because it teases me) and we took a nap. Fully clothed! 😂 Okay, well He's a deep sleeper, Thank God, anyways it took me a minute to go to sleep. I kept waking myself up off and on having wet dreams about my SO and I! Like I was in such a deep sleep that it didn't really dawn on me until I got up and got ready for work, now I'm so embarrassed! Idk if I said anything or made any noises in my sleep but my dreams were of us, in my bed, almost like he woke me up to have sex with me. Is this crazy??? Or has it happened to you guys too?