Razor bumps ??

I am a diligent shaver & I used to have a serious problem with razor bumps. I started using Noxzema razors with sensitive shave gel, & bikini zone after shave gel after I shaved. It worked for a while, now it's happenening again! I am shaving with the grain & idk what the problem is. I had 2 ingrown hairs & on like the top part, so I plucked them like I always have & one healed up, but the other one is a big hard knot. I also have one on the side like in between my lip & my thigh. I've tried to pop it & nothi ng comes out & it's been there for like 2 weeks now. Any ideas or home remedies on how to get rid of these asap! They make me feel so gross & it really brings my confidence down & I feel like my boyfriend is just gonna be so grossed out. So if y'all can please help!