Waxed my vag

So, I've tried shaving and it always caused nasty bumps and ingrown hairs, and people kept telling me to try waxing. I was absolutely terrified, but I decided to try it. I heated the wax and applied some, covered it with wax paper and rubbed that bitch.. Took a deep breath grabbed the paper, closed my eyes, and ripped it off. I looked at the paper and was shocked because there was hair on it. And I said aloud, "Wait... Wasn't that supposed to hurt? Oh my god, did I do it wrong!?" needless to say, I waxed my vagina without a flinch. I feel like super woman, what the hell is wrong with me? Lol

But I have a question, I have PCOS which causes me to have discoloration on my thighs, and pits, but would it cause my vagina to be discolored too? Sorry I know you guys are not doctors, but I'm curious if it has anyone else? Sorry for all the TMI lol