She'll come when she wants...

Emily • 29, Loving Wife Mommy to Abrielle 💖 7/28/16 Mommy Again 2/19/19 💙💖
I'm beginning to accept that this baby will come when she wants.
The most frustrating part is that no one else seems to get that OR they like to point it out so I'm frustrated constantly. I don't need the pressure or the reminder. Thank you.
I'm 40 weeks today. I know it's just now my due date, but between my doctor not thinking I'd make it this far and all the false labor I've had for 2 weeks, I'm super done. Coming to terms with her being here on her own has taken some time lol
Not a big deal, but my parents are going away next weekend so my mom keeps texting me asking if anything has happened. My MIL got her panties in a bunch when I told her I didn't want her to be my doula and that she needed to be in the waiting room with my parents so she made plans to attend a conference in another state and leaves tomorrow and will be gone until Friday - my husband is pissed.
Then I have my sister and out of town SIL trying to "request" the baby comes when they are available.
Everybody shut up! 😭😡😩