Anyone in Edmonton area and familiar with tenant/landlord policies? Help.

I want to start off by saying please no judgment as my husband and I are in a really tight spot right now.

We just moved across the country to Edmonton and originally we were living in an apartment. It was $1500 a month all inclusive. We moved out because we had a friend who needed somewhere to stay for awhile and the apartment was too small for 3 people and 1 bath. Our new place is $2000 a month and we can no longer afford it. Not only that everything here is going wrong. Promised grass, promised driveway, still nothing. Some of our rooms don't even have outlets. Our appliances are constantly breaking so we constantly can't use them(and it's not our fault we've had them all fixed every time) it's becoming very unaffordable at this point. Orginally too our buddy was to share the rent with us so it would be $1000 but he is in his own place now which we weren't expecting.

We got in contact with our old place and they're offering the exact same place we were in for $1200 plus a discount all inclusive. This would help us so much as I just lost my job so I'm making no money and I'm in school and my car payments are $600 a month.

I don't know how to break a lease and I'm petrified they will do all those crazy things like keep my damage deposit, charge me monthly rent until they find a new occupant even if I'm not living there, charge me an advertising fee.

Please any advice I'm so stressed out and we just found out were expecting and I honestly can't afford where I am 😭😭😭