Hello ladies. So I'm going to ask for prayers. My husband and I have been married for about a month and he is a full time student pursuing an electrical engineering degree. It's extremely difficult and he really can't hold a job and hold his grades so he doesn't work during the school year. I'm fine with that! But it looks like I may lose my job. I've worked for my dads company for several years now, all through high school summers and now full time for quite some time now. The business is struggling and may end up closing its doors which would mean I'm out of work. It would also mean my parents are out of work and that too kills me. My dad has put everything into this business. I'm applying for jobs and what not but it all looks bleak. On top of all of this, my car decided to give me major trouble on my way to work this morning. Horrible way to start an already dismal week. We don't have the money to buy me a new car even though that is my desire. My car is older and has almost 203,000 miles on it as I drive a lot for work. Like 40,000 miles in 18 months a lot. I feel extremely helpless and desperate right now. I'm trying to hold out hope and be faithful in my trusting God but I'm struggling. If you have a moment will you just say a prayer for my little family? Thank you in advance❤️ Sorry for the book by the way.