20w with an interview tomorrow

Iesha • 25
I just posted something yesterday about my current job being more demanding than they claimed when i applied & initially telling them i was pregnant.  By the grace of God i actually got a call for an interview for a position that translates to my degree (im in commission sales right now)  & its closer to where im moving to in sept.  Earliest i could get an interview is tomorrow & they are trying to find someone to start the 15 of Aug. it is a temp to hire position so since im pregnant its not a huge lose to them for me to leave in dec but im wondering if i should tell them at the interview or after o get hired that im pregnant.  Im barely showing & where i am now i didnt tell them until i was past my 12w & rhey were fine with it.  This new position would be 8 to 5 mon - fri.  Wayyy less standing & like a said a position that i actually studied for.  What do you guysthink  ??