Just venting .. 😔

I'm just venting a bit . I'm in no way upset in pregnant or soon to be welcoming my little baby son Brock . I love him more then words can express at this point . I've grown attracted to him in every way possible . But This Pregancy has been so tough . Emotional, mentally, physically, and financially . I'm nearing my ninth month of Pregancy and I'm doing a lot a average pregnant women work wise shouldn't be doing as far as heavy lifting, stressful situations, running around, sleepless nights, and etc . I've been with the same guy for 10 years and emotionally and mentally there's a block . I feel he's more into himself then out son coming which puts me in a situation of hey if I don't feel your serious about it, I have no problem doing it alone . It's my fault I expected more from him when I've been doing this solo thing majority of the pregnancy, he's inconsistent . I just think he's a selfish narsisitic person . My moms up and down her feelings like she's the pregant one . I don't expect anyone to put me or baby Brock first . But it still sucks ya know . I'm just venting . I'm tired and upset with my situation right now and I'll get over it . I just keep a lot of stuff in and I don't have the time to crumble . I'm doing it alone . Nobody said it would be easy tho . I love you Brock and mommy's got you forever no matter what . ❤️❤️❤️