Memories as a precursor?

So this isn't really spooky but more strange. Several months ago I started have thoughts and memories of my old coach from highschool. Thoughts about how he was always way to friendly with the girls and of course they ate it up. Who wouldnt when your in high school and hes a good looking college student. Well they just kept recurring and I found it odd but didn't think anything of it. We'll shortly after that started it found out he died. Suicide. Bc he was accused of inappropriate relations with his students. Then after that I kept thinking is this why. Was it someone or something warning me something was going to happen so I could maybe stop it. No. That's crazy right it's just a coincidence. Well just recently I started having old memories of a guy I went to high school with but never associated with until after we graduated. We hunted get out for a brief time but I just had a feeling he was into drugs or things I wasn't interested in involving myself with. It was short lived and didn't mean much. Well in the last month like I said old memories started popping up in my mind randomly. Well this week I found out he passed "unexpectedly" I do the know how or why but have a nagging feeling it was overdose. That's what kept coming to mind. Mind you i have no proof or any idea he was in to any drugs. Do you think this is truly someone or something warning me of immediate danger for people I've had a connection with or just some freaky coincidence?