Here's to an awkward moment

In case you need a nice laugh, I'll share an awkward moment that was terrifying then but hilarious now:

I was 16 and he was 15 (just 4 months younger than me) and we were just watching some horror film that came out weeks before, and there were 3 other people in there besides us. That encouraged us to get a little frisky and adventurous, and he confided in me that he's never been given a blow job. He was a sweet, innocent guy, and I started to go down on him. He was enjoying it, so I started to get really into it, and he was close to climaxing. Great moment, and he looks up. I'm sucking his tip, stroking his shaft, and then... I don't know what happened in the movie (I was so busy down under) and the poor guy jumped a mile high, which scared me, and I broke the golden blow job rule. I bit. Hard. On the tip.

I'm pretty sure he screamed from pain, not fear, and hurried out of the cinema to the bathroom to inspect his member. Afterwards I drove us home and he kept an ice pack on there for the rest of the night. We broke up about a week after the bitey incident, but we joked about it for months.