Rant. I give up on my ex

I finally give up. On my ex that's been messing with my feelings. We've been broken up for a week and five days. I tried getting him back and at first he said we can't. Time went on and he said he missed me, he loved me. I asked him if he wanted to be with me, he said i do. He came to my house two days ago and kissed me like nothing happened. Said that if he goes to the army we can write each other. Straight up telling me he loves me these past few nights. Saying ill never leave you, ill always be with you." Then tells me today "I can't do this". I go over to his house because he promised me he would come see me today and he tells me to leave. I'm done caring. I'm cutting all contact with him so he can finally have a taste of what life is like without me.